Thursday, November 21, 2013


I'm reading Philip Gulley's book, Home to Harmony.  In it is a story about Miriam and Ellis Hodge.  The Hodges live on a farm outside of town, and their routine was to only travel to the big city once a year, during December, to see the Christmas lights.
People would ask them why they went to see the Christmas lights in the daytime when the lights showed up better at night.  Ellis would say, "You won't catch me in the city at night.  No sirree.  Why, a fellow could get killed up there...So they'd go in the daytime and use their imaginations.
Can you imagine going into the city to see the lights but being so afraid that you would only go in the daytime?  Think how much they missed.  Think how beautiful lights are in the dark.

What do we miss because we are afraid?



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