Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Models of Grace

Yesterday I wrote about the Naaman passage in 2 Kings 5 -- how I think it tells us something about the nature of grace.

I also think the passage models for us how we can respond with grace to those around us.
  1. Think about the servant girl for a moment.  What would it be like to be her?  She has been abducted from her home by the enemy and is now serving the wife of the Commander of the army who took her from her home.  Not only that, but Naaman had leprosy, which would have ostracized him in her society.  Why does she respond to him with grace -- offering a way for him to be healed?  She didn't have to.  The scriptures don't mention that he even asked her for help.  I think she is a model for a way to respond to someone -- even someone who is the enemy -- with grace.
  2. What about Elisha?  No one really asked him to help - he offers help.  He does it "so that he (Naaman) may learn that there is a prophet in Israel."  One could read that several ways, but I think Elisha is offering to help so that God may be glorified, rather than himself.  Do we offer help so that God may receive the praise?
  3. And then there is the Naaman's servant.  I wonder if speaking out to Naaman was risky?  Was it easy to contradict him or did the servant step out a little bit onto thin ice to offer his opinion.  We don't know, but sometimes offering grace does involve risk.
Are we willing to be like the servant girl?  Elisha?  Naaman's servant?  Will we offer grace?

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