Friday, July 05, 2013

Opening with the light

Since I started focusing on taking pictures (haha), I've wanted to get a picture of the this type of flower.  Growing up, I always called it Bachelor's Buttons, but doing some research this morning, I actually think it is Chicory.  (I guess I'll have to keep searching for Bachelor's buttons).

I have been thwarted by the fact that these flowers grow along roadsides. Getting a picture of one would have meant pulling off the road and parking, possibly in hazardous conditions.  Not worth it.

One morning, I had my point and click camera with me as I walked the dog.  I found some of these plants at the end of our street.  Eureka!  Unfortunately, the camera focused on the background instead of the flower, and all I brought home was blue blur.

So, that evening, Steve and I were walking the dog, so I took a different camera (our Nikon 5100) with us.  We arrived at the end of the road -- no flowers!  I found the plants, but I had no idea that the flowers closed up in the evening.  They must need the light to open.

Are we like that?  Do we encounter people like that?  Do we need to remember that sometimes people also need light to open up, and share their beauty? Do we remember that we can be that light for other people?  Do we need to remember that God calls us to shine for others so that they can reach their potential?

(BTW, found the flower next day with the Nikon).



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