Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm here

I'm still here.  I've been here and there and yonder, including Maui and Memphis.  At the end of the week I go to Austin, for a day, and then I'll be back.

Work is very busy -- many projects in May to complete.

I'll try to do better with blogging (which means I need to do better with devotionals, but if I have learned one thing, its that they go hand in hand).

I have many images to share -- good ones -- so I'll try to get that done, too.

Have you ever noticed, that when you have large projects to complete, that the small ones tend to weigh on you?  And that the interruptions take priority over the big Must be Done projects?  However, I believe in a Ministry of Interruptions, and one of my interruptions today was to send a check to someone who really needed it -- a grant from a Trust.  Those kind of interruptions are golden.  And what I'm called to do.

I'll get the Big Project done.  Tomorrow.  And the next day.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying having both my boys home.  Mother's Day was great.  Son the Younger preached.  You can listen to it here.



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