Monday, December 10, 2012

Rejoice! Sing!

Zephaniah 3:14-20

Rejoice!  Sing! 
Shout with gladness!
Understand how God has turned your world
your future,
your lives upsidedown!

The Lord has taken away
all judgements against you.
He has freed you from your sin.
He has turned away everything
that could harm your living.

The Creator of the Universe
stands with you,
among you.
Stop being afraid.
Stop being weak.
Your strength and your courage
come from God,
and he has brought you victory.

Your God rejoices over you.
He takes pleasure in your life.
He is glad you exist.
God's love renews your living,
and brings you life eternal.
Listen?  Can you hear him?
God is singing over you.

Can you hear God's voice?
He is telling you what he has done.
He has removed disaster from you.
He has erased your guilt.
He will protect you, as a parent protects a child.
God will save you when you are weak,
gather you in when you are outcast,
and he will change your shame into praise.

Rejoice!  Sing!
God will bring you home,
and he will return you to being
a beloved Child of God.

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