Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Wait -- Hannah

1 Samuel 1:17

The night was still thick and heavy
across the land. 
The sun was only a hoped for light.
Hannah couldn't sleep.
She traveled with her husband.
They were returning home.

In the darkness, she touched flame
to kindling,
encouraging the fire to burn again
in the dark.

Her life had been hopeless, empty,
but now, the spark of Eli's words
burned small and tiny in her mind.
"Go in peace,
God will grant your petition."

She blew gently on the flame
to keep it alive,
as she prayed for the hope within her
to continue to burn.

Was it better, to wait now in the midst of hope,
fearful that the hope would die within her?
Or was the security of hopelessness better,
without the fear of loss?
She blew the gentle breath of prayer on the flame within her.
"Please, God..."

To wait.  To hope. To fear.
To fear even to believe.

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