Friday, November 16, 2012

Better than a Hallelujah

Road to Cooper's Rock

In reading a devotional today, I read a quote by Rodger Y. Nishioka.  He tells us that we have a foundational security that buildings are not supposed to collapse, floods are not supposed to happen and the earth is not supposed to shake, but as we live our lives, we come to know that that foundational security is not true.  We know floods happen, that the earth quakes and that buildings fall.  People die.  Friends leave. 

When that happens, we wonder about the ways of God.  We ask questions.  We doubt.  We struggle. 

I remember a pastor telling a story about his roommate who would yell at God at times like this.  Don't you think God can take it?  Don't you believe that God would rather hear your struggle, for in that struggle with God is the recognition that God exists.  It is a function of relationship to seek answers.  It strengthens who we are and it strengthens our connection to our creator. 

As the song goes, it's better than a hallelujah.

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