Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alphabetical Thanksgiving

On Friday Five at RevGalBlogPals, there was a suggestion to use the first letters of your name to list what you are thankful for.  Surely, I can think of more than three things, and it kind of seems like a harder challenge to use the entire alphabet:

A -- air conditioning
B -- beagle (our dog)
C -- chocolate
D -- dishwasher
E -- electricity
F -- friends
G -- Grant
H -- home
I -- iProducts (yes, I am thankful for them)
J -- Josh
K -- knitting
L -- love
M -- Mom
N -- non-smoking restaurants
O -- office (my office in particular)
P -- paper, printers, pens
Q -- Quick Oats for breakfast
R -- reading material (books, electronic books, blogs)
S -- Steve
T -- Trinity -- God, Jesus, Spirit
U -- United Methodist Church
V -- Victory in Christ
W -- work
Y -- yarn
Z -- zippers

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