Friday, April 15, 2011

What can we learn?

The communion meditation at the Gathering this evening centered around the declaration of the Centurion in Matthew.  Susan called this a "mountain-top" experience. 

On a different note, JtM, in discussing his latest New Testament class, spoke about the Centurion in Mark -- was his declaration an ironic non-declaration of the Messiah or was it a real declaration. 

Either way, what can we learn from the Centurion?

  • The atmosphere is full of signs and signals to lead us to the conclusion that Christ is the Son of God.  We need to keep our eyes open so that we can see God. 
  • Are the centurion and the guards the same ones who were paid to lie about the Resurrection in the next chapter.  Irregardless, we can learn about courage from the centurion.
  • There are several ways to see a story, and God will speak to us using the same words but with different message.



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