Wednesday, January 19, 2011

John 1 continued

After John sent two of his disciples to find Jesus, something extraordinary happens.  We might miss it, because it seems ordinary.  Jesus turns and sees them following him, and he speaks to them. Jesus doesn’t hide from us; he turns around and speaks to us.  William Barclay says that this is a symbol of divine initiative.  “When the human mind begins to seek and the human heart begins to long, God comes to meet us more than halfway.”  Our God is not a distant God; our God longs to reach toward us.  Consider the image of the prodigal son being met by his father along the road – the father runs to meet him.  That’s what God is like.  We do not walk the road of discipleship by ourselves; God is with us.

Jesus turns and asks the two disciples who are following him, “What are you looking for?” That is an important question for them and for us. They answer by calling Jesus, “Rabbi” or teacher. Through this answer, they indicate a willingness to follow him – they will be his disciple. They are willing to commit to following Christ. Will we do the same? What are we looking for? Will we make a commitment to follow Christ?

Andrew, one of my favorite disciples, is a role model for us. We meet Andrew three times in scripture. All three times he is bringing someone else to Christ. In this passage, he brings his brother Simon, who later becomes Peter. Later, Andrew is the one who brings Christ the young boy who has five loaves of bread and two fish to share. There is a passage in John where Andrew brings inquiring Greeks to Jesus. Andrew knows discipleship is not focused on himself, but on service to Christ. He knows Christ will meet him and is not hidden from him. And he has said Yes to Christ – he is committed. Andrew was claimed by God, and in response to the question “What’s next?” he answers discipleship.



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