Wednesday, January 12, 2011


During a recent sermon, Jack said that God erases our sins.  I heard that, and my first thought was to disagree. 

My sins don't feel erases.  I believe that God forgives them, but for something to be erased means that there is no trace of it.   It's gone.  Even though my sins are forgiven, they leave traces.

  • Even when a sin is forgiven, I can still feel the guilt of it -- the sting that it leaves behind.  While I'm grateful for the forgiveness, I am still aware of the sorrow and guilt I feel in its aftermath.
  • Even a forgiven sin has consequences.  The eraser doesn't remove those.
  • I can hope that in the aftermath of forgiveness, I can find the grace fo transformation.  It seems like an erased sin could leave no changes in its wake.
God forgives sin, and perhaps the spiritual eraser refers to how we are cleansed from sin in the eyes of God.  in my eyes, the sin isn't erased.  It's forgiven, but it is not vanished.

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