Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was reading a blog post by the General Secretary of United Methodist Communications -- 19 Ways I Used my iPad while traveling in Africa.

If he could list the ways he uses technology in his work (which is ministry) then so could I (although 19 might be a stretch for my tired mind.)

  1. Obviously, I use my computer all the time at work, for so many different things that to list then all would be more than anybody would want to read. Suffice it to say I use my computer, a lot.
  2. I blog.
  3. I email a devotional from our church that I'm convinced flies on the wings of angels to its readers.
  4. I can read the Bible on my iPhone with an app.
  5. When we travel for work, and need a phone number, I have an app for that.
  6. A new thing -- I send out a prayer concerns list to our church email list each week.
  7. Like the General Secretary, I like Dropbox.
  8. I connect with people across our Annual Conference through Facebook.

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