Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Intellectual Pursuits

I attended a lecture at our church this evening as part of Convocation Week. Dr. Steven Kopp, president of Marshall University (and member of the church) presented a seminar concerning the role of Higher Education in the formation of ethics and in spiritual development.

It was very interesting, and I thought I would share a few tidbits of his talk:
  • Education is not just about intellectual pursuit, but should be holistic, involved in the development of the person -- mind, body and spirit.
  • Education is the pursuit of truth, harmony and enlightenment -- fulling our potential as humans.
  • Humans are meaning-seeking creatures. If we don't find meaning in religion, we will look for it where we think we might find it instead.
  • What matters most is not what you believe but how you conduct your life.
  • Questions to ask yourself -- What is your spiritual quest? What is your calling?
  • Limitations of who we are and what we can be are self-imposed.
  • The way we act on Sunday is either a reflection of our authentic selves or .....
  • No one can give you an education.
  • We tend to favor things that are easy, but our success is assured. The challenge is to take on the "hard thing." We need to take intellectual risks.
  • Life is not about being perfect, but instead about the pursuit of perfection -- growth.
  • The same hand that fashioned us -- created us -- will open our eyes so that we can see.
  • That which is fossilized cannot adapt.



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