Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Struck by Grace

I've started reading Bishop Robert Shnase's new book Five Practices of Fruitful Living. In the first chapter he talks about being struck by grace. He quotes Paul Tillach:
We don't have to promise anything at that time, for in that moment we are fundamentally the recipients of a promise. We don't have to give anything; only to receive what is given. Our only and singular task is to accept that we are accepted.
When we accept that we are loved, we are struck by grace.

We often marvel at a love so profound that God would send his only son to demonstrate that love. We strive to understand the depth of that love.

But what if, even if we could understand that profound of a love, we would only be grasping the edge of it? What if God's love is than that? We can't imagine that God's love could be that deep, because we care barely grasp that kind of love.

I think the truth is that God's love is deeper than we can even imagine. Stronger. Bigger. Even more than the edge of what we can dream of.

Accept that, and be struck by grace.

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