Friday, July 16, 2010

Interrupted by Faith

At the Emmaus Gathering this evening, the group providing special music sang a song with the repeated line, "Stop and listen as I tell you..." (or something like that.).

How often do tell God's story in such a way that we are expecting people to stop whatever they are doing and listen. Listen as well tell them about the saving grace of God, the transformational potential of life lived with Christ. How often do we speak of God in such a way that will grab attention -- that will interrupt people's lives with faith?

How often do we say, "Stop, and let me tell you about Christ."?

The Fourth Day speaker tonight said that when she went on her walk, she was not a believer. No one had spoken to her about life in Christ. She lamented the idea that none of the Christians who worked around her had ever told her about Christ.

Do we interrupt people's lives with our faith?

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