Sunday, July 25, 2010


The Friday Five this week on RevGalBlogPals was written by Songbird (see this weeks posts). She writes:

Since I've been in the midst of a discernment process, I've done a lot of reflecting on how we make decisions. But don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to reveal a dark story about a poor decision, or a self-flagellating story about an embarrassing one. Let's keep it simple and go with five word pairs. Tell us which word in the pair appeals to you most, and after you've done all five, give us the reason why for one of them.

Here are the pairs and my answers:

  1. Cake or Pie -- Cake (Chocolate, please, very moist with icing)
  2. Train or Airplane -- Um, airplane, I guess.
  3. Mac or PC -- PC
  4. Univocal or equivocal -- Equivocal
  5. Peter or Paul -- Peter.
If I were to explain one, I guess the airplane versus train would need explanation. If the choice were between air travel and train travel as I have experienced it, then I would pick air travel. I do have this romantic vision of what train travel could be, with sleeper cars and meals on china in the dining car, beautiful views of scenery.... If that were a choice, I would pick it. If I needed or wanted to get somewhere fast, then jet. My experience with trains does not live up to my romantic vision, either.



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