Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ministry with love

Another question from Disciple last Sunday:

The 12th and 13th chapters of I Corinthians speak of spiritual gifts and the "more excellent way" of love. Sometimes we miss that link just because they are in different chapters. What does it mean to exercise a ministry with love?

Sometimes we get so involved in carrying out our mission -- our ministry -- our calling -- that we ignore the Greatest Commandment -- love God and love each other. To exercise a ministry with love, to me, means that the person in front of us is more important than the ministry. The person in front of us is more important than the rules, than the organization, than the schedule. It means carrying out God's mission in a way that is kind and generous, loving and compassionate. it means that whatever you are doing, when you are finished, the person in front of you has been loved. The person in front of you should see God's love for him or her through you and through your acts of ministry.

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