Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I was reading the blog Seven Day Gospel, written by a West Virginia United Methodist Pastor. In his latest post, he talks about the Ascension, and an invitation he was planning for Ascension Sunday:
It will most likely be shaped around Jesus’ pronouncement “You are witnesses of these things”. As such, the invitation is to current followers-to consider what you have witnessed and commit yourself to sharing what you have witnessed.
When Christ is at work in our lives and in the lives of those around us, it should make a difference. It should make such a large difference, that we can't help but share the light. And yet, I know that I don't always do this. Do you?

We are witnesses to the work of God in the world. We have front row seats. Sharing that news -- being the salt and light in the world -- doesn't just happen. It takes commitment and discipline. Practice. Courage. Willingness. Attention.

The song we sing at every Emmaus Gathering is "Let Your Light Shine." You are a witness and so am I. Do we let our lights shine before others so they will know our God of love's in the land?*

Image: Forget-me-nots outside the Alaska State Museum (it's their state flower).
*The phrase is from the song "Let Your Light Shine."



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