Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring is Coming

I am tired of snow. I am tired of winter. I am sick of worrying about whether we need to park at the bottom of the our hill because we can't drive down it when the roads are horrifically slick -- or up it. I'm more than ready to stop walking up the hill after we park at the bottom. I'm ready for the kids to go to school everyday, instead of two days out of the week.

I am ready ready READY for spring to come.

Sometimes, on a snowy day, when I look outside, and all I can see is the snow and the necessity of shoveling and the covered roads, it seems as if spring will NEVER come.

Tonight in Disciple class, we talked about apocalyptic writing in Daniel and Revelation -- both writings meant for an audience that was experiencing persecution. The apocalyptic writing was meant to encourage the hearers, assuring them that God was in control and that better times were coming.

It's a strange analogy, I know, but I wonder if apocalyptic writing serves the purpose of reminding us that spring is coming -- I wonder if the purpose was to remind those who could not see the possibility of justice and an end of persecution that "spring was coming" -- God is in control, and these terrible times will pass away.



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