Sunday, October 04, 2009

In Remembrance

I attended Pastor's School this past week. Rev. Janet Forbes led worship for two services. She told us of traveling to the Church of Pennant Melangell. She called it a "thin place" -- a place where the space between God and her was very thin, and she felt very close to God.

Places can be like that. Events can be like that.

The last day of Pastor's School ended with a communion worship service. God felt close. For me, it was a "thin place." As pastor after pastor came forward for communion, the pianist played a song with the a phrase asking God to fill his lambs. I was stuck by the responsibility of praying for these whom God has called to lifetimes of ministry. Fill them up, Lord.

After communion was over, and the elements were restored to the altar table, I looked down. We were sitting on the front row, right where the server for our side of the room had stood. On the tile floor were drops of grape juice. They looked like drops of blood on the tile floor.

Jesus bled and died for all of us. Do this in remembrance of him.



Blogger Linda said...

This hymn was my/our Emmaus theme hymn. After several years, whenever I hear it, it still brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. This too is a "Remembrance of Me" and what a change the Emmaus Walk made in my faith journey.

"May the love of God enfold you..."

9:17 AM  

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