Sunday, June 14, 2009

Different Ways to See Things

We watched a video at Annual Conference called ReThink Church. I've actually seen it before -- it's a great one.

One of the things it talks about is the United Methodist slogan open Open Hearts, Minds and Doors. It urges us to think of the word Open as a verb in addition to an adjective. Our doors, hearts and minds are open, but also, think of opening minds, opening doors and opening hearts.

Open minds. Open our minds. There are times when we think there is only one way to see something -- one viewpoint, which is right, while all others are wrong. That's not open minds. That's closing our minds to possibilities. It's also not very "United Methodist." Wesley encouraged us to use our reason (in addition to scripture, experience and tradition) to solve problems.

ReThink Church.

Open minds.

Open our minds to possibilities. Could it be that we are not always right? Could it be that there is a different, and yet correct, way to view life? Could it be that the way we have always done something, always thought of something, could be only one way to do it; only one way to think about it?

Is it possible for us to open our minds? Accept that we could be wrong, or at least accept that there is more than one correct answer? Or no correct answer at all?

In the vast complexity of God's world, I imagine that there are times when we get it wrong, or at least we only see one possibility, when there are so many more?

Open minds.

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