Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Friday Five -- Big To Do

I haven't done a RevGalBlogPals Friday Five in a while, so here's one:

  1. What home fix-it project is on your Big To-Do? The stairwell needs sanded and painted, and perhaps carpeting on the steps. The bathroom needs a renovation.
  2. What event (fun or work) is on your Big To-Do?3 VACATION -- we missed it last year; we're happy to be going this year. At work, Annual Conference is coming up.
  3. What trip is on your Big To-Do? I would love to go back to Europe -- to Scotland, Ireland, England, maybe Italy? Closer to home, I think a trip to Washington during the Cherry Blossom time would be good.
  4. What do you wish was on someone ELSE's (partner, family member, celebrity, etc...) Big To-Do? I wish my boys had the Big To-Do of straight A's on their lists. Or at least getting homework done and turned in.
  5. Getting inspired? What may end this summer having moved from the Big To-Do to the Big Ta-da?By the end of summer? Hmmm. I don't know. By the end of summer?



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