Thursday, October 16, 2008

One path

I am reading Heather Murray Elkins book "Holy Stuff of Life." One particular chapter describes a worship service that she was helping to facilitate. It was the final one of a jurisdictional meeting; at this worship service, a newly elected bishop was being consecrated.

Without going into all the details, this worship service was to take place at a hotel, but just as they were about to begin, the electricity went out. All 800 people had to vacate the hotel. After some worry, she arranged for the worship service to be held at the shoreline of a nearby lake. The scripture to be used was one the Exodus one where Moses strikes the rock with a staff and releases water. It fits the outdoor seen perfectly.

Our own Bishop Grove leaned over to Heather and told her, "If you wanted to have the worship service outside, you should have just told us."

Just as the bishop who is preaching lifts his staff and strikes the rock, the rains come.

Have you ever been involved in a circumstance where you felt that God was leading you to action, and yet the action he seems to want is really the ONLY one possible? What else could they do when trapped outside, except worship outside. Sometimes the only path to take is the one God is leading us down. It's still scary, but at least we know that we are not alone.

(Read Heather's book; it's great)



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