Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grace rubs off

I've been carrying a glass pebble around in my pocket -- a gift from a friend. Written on the glass is the word "grace."

I'm a fiddler. I don't meant that I know how to play the violin -- I mean that I fiddle. I play with my watch, my rings, and whatever is in my pocket. When the pebble is in my pocket, I'll rub it -- like people do with "worry stones."

The word grace is rubbing off.

I've had people ask me in class, when I mention that we share God's grace with each other, if I really believed that grace could come from people other than God. I absolutely do. It's God's grace, and it comes to us from God, but sometimes he chooses to pass it through to us by the means of another of his children. We share God's grace with each other.

The word grace is rubbing off. Grace should rub off. That's the way God designed it.

Image: Covered bridge at Cedar Lakes



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