Monday, November 19, 2007

He shall not be moved

Logos -- Psalm 46:1-7

He is our rock, our salvation.
The foundation of our lives,
The sanctuary for our troubled worries.
He is always present,
Always concerned
Always strong,
He is present when we walk,
When we stumble,
When we soar,
And when we cry out.

He is our God.
Because of him,
we will not fear.
Because of him,
When the earth shakes
When the sea crashes against the shore
When the tallest mountains
Crash into the wildest canyons,
When the sky turns black
and hope seems blotted out,
We will not fear.

We will not hear the screaming of the ocean
Or the thundering of the mountains
Because our God whispers his love for us,
And nothing else can overpower it.

Because he is our God,
We receive rivers of living water,
And with its cooling touch,
Grace and joy.
Gifts of the spirit.
Heaven cries out in celebration with us,
And God walks among us.

He is here,
In our cities, in our towns,
Walking in our buildings,
Sitting with us in our meetings,
Wrapping himself around us
Through our sorrow,
And throwing us up in the air with glee
To share our joy with us.
In the mornings, he is God,
And he is seen in the colors of the sunrise,
As he paints his creativity
To inspire us.
As he breathes his presence
Into our souls.

All around us,
There is cemetery.
All around us is death.
He walks through it,
And carries us to our salvation,
As his son carried the cross on his back.
And we are set free.
He utters our name,
And we are claimed.
A child of God.

The Lord of all is with us.
He shall not be moved.

Image: Cedar Lakes

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