Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guest Sandbloggers

Meet two sandbloggers. A sandblogger is a guest blogger on Sandpiper's Thoughts. I'm leaving tonight for an Emmaus walk, and won't be back until Sunday, so Jeff the Methodist (JtM) and Steve the Husband (StH) will be filling in for me. You are in for a treat. Just sit back and enjoy.

The picture to the left is of Jeff and Steve. Jeff is on the left, in green, and Steve is on the right, in blue. I believe I have the left and right correct, but I do know I have the shirt colors right. And stop laughing -- I'm certain which one is which, I just can't tell right from left.

They have both sandblogged before. If you look to the sidebar on the -- um -- left, you will see a list of Guest posts, and you can enjoy their previous work. I recommend it highly.

I think the picture is interesting. It's taken at a recent youth event (Steve and I, Jeff and his wife, Mary serve as youth leaders in our church) at our district camping center. They both look so serious. Usually, hot dogs roasting on an open fire do no elicit such thoughtful expressions from them. In fact, most of the rest of the evening, they were telling jokes. Imagine for a moment, what jokes can be told when weenies and buns are on the menu -- you can see why I am surprised by the picture.

In another way, though, the picture captures a few characteristics of Jeff and Steve that I want to share with you today. They often laugh, with ease and infectiousness, and their humor lightens the load, often. In addition to that, though, they both have depths of spirituality which often leads me and others to see the light of Christ shining in our lives. They are friends, and I am grateful for the friendship which they share.

Steve, who will post on Saturday, is my husband, my companion, and my best friend. He has been at training for many weeks now, and I have missed him with a huge intensity. We're lucky he is able to come home on the weekends. I'm watching that countdown clock on the -- um -- left for when he will be finished, and back home on a regular basis. He is a man of integrity, honesty and faith. He has the gifts of prayer and exhortation, and I am forever grateful that his light, and God's light through him, shine in my life. I dropped his laundry off the other day, mentioned his name to the lady behind the counter, and her face lit up. That's the kind of person he is.

Jeff, who will post on Friday, is a dear friend and a brother in Christ. He walks with God every day, and that is evident in what he does, what he says, and how he relates to people. His gifts are many, but they include proclamation, teaching and vision. He is a blessing to our church and in my life.

Jeff's wife, Mary, who is also a wonderful friend and a gift from God, is going on this walk as a team member as well. Don't ask me what Steve and Jeff will be doing while we are gone, but if they are together, I'm certain it will include laughter and stories told and exchanged.

The four of us are partners in ministry and friends through life. We share meals, gifts, grace, laughter, concerns and prayer. My life is made richer by their presence in it.

So welcome, please, JtM and StH, and their thoughts. Thanks to both of them for thinking highly enough of the blog to spend time writing and to share with me (and all of us) their gifts. Thanks also to Jeff for being Director of Technology while I am gone, and pushing the publish button for me. I can just set it and forget it, knowing the blog is in good hands.



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Sounds as if Steve has been "bemissed."

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