Thursday, August 09, 2007

You stand closer

Continuing on yesterday's theme, as an illustration, Bill stood at the communion table, as if he were crowding around Jesus himself. He was literally blocking the way of anyone who dared to come near who was not invited. Please do not put dirty shoe prints on the floor, either. This is Jesus.

And then Bill ran a few feet away, and talked about the man who was being blocked from approaching God. These people had to stand far away, and were prevented from approaching God.

It reminded me of a story that Chuck Echols told us once. He said that his vision of heaven was that all of the saints, who had been such a part of the church, and had perhaps earned the right to be close to God, would be reaching back, behind them, and pulling those who had just come to the faith closer. "Come here, hon. Move up closer, I'll move back. You need to be closer to God than I do." It was a great picture of heaven (I've talked about it here).

If we believe that the kingdom of God is at hand, and that we can live with God, here and now, then I love that how we can be in community together as a church reflects what heaven can be like. Isn't that the way that it should be?



Blogger Gary said...

I enjoy when people take seriously the communion of the saints. I had a pastor who would often get choked up during the eucharist because he knew he was taking communion with his father. This was even years after his father was gone. The idea of his father bringing him closer to Our Father is a powerful one.

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