Friday, August 03, 2007

Leadership: Risk

Are you tired of these posts about leadership? Are you ready for me to be done with this already?

The sixth and final letter of Leader is R -- Gilbert and Zoller use this letter to talk about risk -- a characteristic of a good leader.

When does a leader demonstrate the willingness to take risks? When he listens to the call of God, even when he doesn't believe that he is equipped to answer it, he is risking failure. When a leader takes a step in faith -- tries something new -- he is taking a risk. There are times when we are afraid or uncertain, and it takes risk to take that leap of faith.

I want to tell you about Patrice.

Patrice is a Sunday school teacher in the elementary program at our church. When I left the position of chairman of the Nurture Committee, Patrice stepped in and took it. I don't think she wanted to, but she did anyway. She didn't seem to believe that it was something she would be able to do, but she has done a wonderful job.

She is dreaming dreams about the Sunday school program -- dreams I never would have had. I hope she is able to see them through, because I think the effect on our program could be big - we could reach many more children with the Word of God. I hope that our church enables her to continue taking risks.

Patrice is a model of risk taking for me, for our Nurture Committee, and for our church.

I thank God for Patrice.

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