Friday, August 18, 2006

How Can We Describe Him?

One of the lectionary readings for this week was Psalm 111. The writer of the Disciplines devotion said that this poem is an acrostic Psalm, each line beginning with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. To illustrate the value of this, the author told of a rabbi who explained to someone, desperate and unable to pray, to instead pray the alphabet -- God would supply the words.

I decided to pick up the challenge and see if I could write a poem in which each line began with the next letter of our alphabet. Here is my (feeble) effort -- it's kind of awkward, but I leave it for you. It's called --

How Can We Describe Him?

An amazing God, who will never abandon us,
But continually attempts to convince us that we are his
Children, surrounded by his love,
Dependent upon his grace, and
Ever desiring His presence.
From the moment he created us, he has
Granted us unending
Hesed -- covenant loyalty.
Imagine life without him --
Just one day alone, and the
Knowledge of our private hell would leave us
Mountains bow at the sound of his
Name, and trees clap their hands at the vibration of his footsteps.
Outside of our understanding, his love for us is
Perpetual, sometimes
Quixotic, but it runs through and around us, like a
River of life-giving water. We are
Saved by his mercy, and
Taken under his wings as beloved offspring,
Undeserving but
Valued and made
Whole. His son died at the
X of a cross, so that
You and I could live forever, surrounded by the
Zeal of his devotion.

Image: The sky yesterday evening.


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