Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Truth Be Told

In November and December, I was part of a series of meetings with the district laity.  Our Conference Lay Leader, Kristi Wilkerson, used this song as a core to her talk  with each district.  The lyrics of the first part of the song are:

Lie number one you're supposed to have it all together
And when they ask how you're doing
Just smile and tell them, "Never better"

Lie number 2 everybody's life is perfect except yours
So keep your messes and your wounds
And your secrets safe with you behind closed doors
Truth be told

The truth is rarely told, now
I say I'm fine, yeah I'm fine oh I'm fine, hey I'm fine but I'm not
I'm broken

When we reach the "I'm broken" line, the truth of the song reaches my emotions.  Lest you worry, I don't think I'm broken any more than anyone else is - but I do think all of us are at least a little bit broken.  We have sinned.  Our hearts are a little bit broken (or a lot broken).  We grieve, we hurt, we long for a different set of circumstances (especially right now).  To admit to any of this is to be vulnerable, and I think we all try to avoid that.  So I'm fine.

But with God, when we are brave enough, we can share it all.  When we are fine.  When we are joyful. And when we are broken.  I encourage you, as I encourage myself, be brave enough so that when the truth is told to God, it is truth.



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