Monday, February 26, 2018

God of the Mess

Bishop Steiner Ball preached at our church a couple of Sundays ago.  The basis of her sermon was the Jacob's ladder story. Do you remember it? Jacob has tricked his father into blessing him instead of Esau, effectively disinheriting his brother. Esau is (understandably) angry. Jacob's mother warns him, and Jacob runs away. 

He ends up in a place with no name. The Bishop said, "he was a mess."  And yet, this is when he encounters God.

Do we sometimes try to get out of a mess before we approach God? Have you ever heard someone say, "I can't go to church: I do too many bad things."?  

Jacob is a mess of sin and guilt. He's running for his life. And he has gotten no where.  God stands at the base of the ladder with him, even in the mess. 

God will do the same for us - and for those around us. Be reassured that you don't have to be "out of your mess" in order to reach for God. In fact, in our weakness, we are the most ready for God.

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