Thursday, October 12, 2017

There are Two Ways

Inspired by Psalm 1

There are two ways
to live a life.
One way leads to blessings; 
the other to lifelessness.

Blessed are those
who turn their ears to God,
who do not listen to the distractions
that would lead them away,
who do not follow the tempting voices.

Blessed are those
who walk the path of righteousness
who stand with those who serve
who sit in God's communion.
These will find life.

These will find a life
nourished by God's presence.
Their work will bear fruit
and their lives will not wither.
In all they do, God will shine.

Those who choose the other way,
the way of sin and pain,
become like dust, blowing in the storm.
They are not rooted in God,
so they are tossed in the wind,
barren and alone.

There are two ways
to live a life.
and on different days, 
I find myself on different paths.
I pray, dear God,
that you lead me in the way
that leads to life,
even when I stray.

I pray, dear God,
that you,
and, if you allow it, I,
can shine a light
in the darkness,

so that all can find life.

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