Sunday, August 13, 2017

Prayer for Tonight

Oh, God, our God.
Hear our cry today.
Hear the heartbeat of our sorrow.
Hear the franticness of our minds.
Hear our cry at the hatred.
Hear our disbelief.
Hear our shock.

We stare in horror at men
walking with torches.
Carrying mace and lighter fluid.
Driving a car into a crowd.
We cannot believe that 
hatred would surround 
as it did.
Reality doesn't seem true.
And yet we know it is.

We pray for the life that was lost.
For the pain that was inflicted.
For those who were afraid,
For those who were threatened.
We pray for the ones we want 
to surround with our arms in protection.

We pray for the lives of the lost.
For the hatred they spouted.
For the fire and pain and venom.
For those that threatened.
We pray for the ones 
we find hard to forgive.

We pray for ourselves
and our neighbors.
For forgiveness as we see those
who are different than we are
as different
instead of beloved.

We ask tonight that you would
change the world.
And if you can,
use us.

On my blog in the coming week I have scheduled a series of prayers. These were planned and written weeks ago, but as I queued them up to publish, I felt something missing. Tonight needs a prayer. Alan preached today about standing up and stepping out of the boat - where is God calling you to stand up and walk tonight? How do you respond to the hatred that was shown in Charlottesville? What will you do? What will I do? Tonight, we need a prayer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A beautiful prayer.

8:26 AM  
Blogger birdwatcher said...

Thank you

9:49 AM  

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