Thursday, October 06, 2016


I was involved in a Diversity Summit with our Annual conference. As part of it, we shared worship. The music was global - from different parts of the world and sung in different languages (including but not limited to English). The scripture was read in English, Spanish and Korean. It was a great experience.

During the last worship service of the conference, we came to the point in the Communion Liturgy where it was time to pray the Lord's Prayer. We were told to pray the prayer the way to were comfortable praying it. There was no concern that we all say debts and debtors or trespasses and trespassers. We could have prayed it with whatever words and language was comfortable. All was acceptable.

We weren't exactly in unison, but that was OK. We were praying with one mind and one heart to the one God we worship. 

I remember a few years ago, our older son went to a Global Young Adults gathering in Germany. At one point, all those present sang "How Great Thou Art" in their own language. He said it was amazing. I'm sure it was.

We don't have to agree to worship the same God. Unison doesn't require the same thoughts. God is who unifies us.



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