Thursday, September 29, 2016

God of Second Chances

I live in Huntington, WV. We are known (sadly) as a hotspot for heroin use. I don't read the newspaper, but in Sunday school today, our teacher was summarizing some of the recent editorials in the Huntington paper regarding the drug addiction. When I tell you what he said, beware that the information is 3rd or 4th hand - I haven't read the editorial itself.

Marv told us that one of the editorials (well written) stated that the writer did not want his tax dollars used to provide doses of narcan to those suffering from a life threatening opioid-related overdose, just to have that person return to drug use. If you haven't heard of narcan, it is an opiate antidote. When administered during an overdose by health professionals (such as an EMT), it can save a life.

What is your thought? I have a few:

First of all, when did we decide that we would administer life-saving health resources based only on the "sinlessness" of the person who is sick? Do we refuse cancer treatment to a person with lung cancer who smoked? Do we refuse to set the broken arm of a dare-devil extreme sports participant unless he agrees to stop his dangerous behavior? Would we seriously let a person suffering a heroin overdoes because we don't want to pay for a $5.00 dose of medicine?

Secondly, I wonder if the author of the editorial would express the same opinion if his son or daughter was the one suffering from the overdose? Would he be OK with the idea that his loved one will not receive a dose of a drug that would save his or her life because someone else has judged that the person in danger will repeat the dangerous (and illegal) behavior?

Thirdly, and most importantly, what would God have us to do? Our God, who is a God of second (and two hundred sixty second) chances? What does love say to do? Save the life? Or give up?



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