Monday, September 12, 2016

Stained Glass

A friend of mine and I have a disagreement relating to stained glass windows in church sanctuaries.  I think they are beautiful. I love the idea that they are a tradition passed down to us from a time when people couldn't read the Bible, so pictures in glass were used to remind them of the stories. Truthfully, I think I really love them because of the gorgeous colors (I love playing with color). I just love to look at them, and wonder about the symbols in them.

My friend doesn't like them because it is only the people inside the church sanctuary who can see them. The windows are internally directed; they are for the edification of those who are "insiders" and they don't preach the gospel to those who are outside the church.

I could counter that argument, but for the moment, let's go with it. The other day, I was getting the mail from the Foundation's post office box. The post office is across the street from the church where our office is. As I stood across the street, I saw that there was light shining from inside the chapel of the church, illuminating the windows, so that I could see them from the outside. 

Forget stained glass for the moment. How do we repeat what I saw from the street, in a more spiritual way - in a more loving and caring way? How do we let the light of God, that is nurtured inside the church, given to us a grace, shine so that those standing outside the church can see it? 

How does your church do that? How do you and I do that?



Blogger revkjarla said...

great question. perhaps when we stand outside the walls of the church, we point out the beauty of God around us, and reflected off others?

10:41 AM  

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