Monday, September 09, 2013

In our weakness...

And the pride of human independence has no room for vulnerability to love.  Love serves as a threat when we are busily making our kingdom come and getting our will done.  Love threatens because imperial Me has to stand aside. B. John Franklin in Disciplines 2013
I have thought of pride as an obstacle to grace.  I've considered the idea that in our pride, we think we do not need God.  I can imagine we might say, "I know God loves me, and I love God, but I can get through this or that on my own.  I don't need God for this."

This quote, though, states that the pride of independence leaves no room for love.  Does that point to the idea that we cannot know or experience God's love because of our independent nature?  Do we only come to know God when we admit that we need God?

I can see a parallel to that in community.  In times when I have finally thrown up my hands in defeat, and admitted that the work I'm doing requires more than just me to get it accomplished, I have experienced the love of the community.  In being loved, we know that are loved.

In our weakness, we come to know God's strength.

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