Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Opposite of Faith

As Jack preached the other day, using Hebrews 11 as his basis, two thoughts about faith stirred in my mind.

What is the opposite of faith?  I think that we would immediately say that doubt is the opposite of faith.  Faith is believing and doubt is not believing.  I think our immediate conclusion is wrong.  Doubt is an intertwined part of faith.  Jack said, "Before Christians can have faith, they must understand who and what they have faith in."  Understanding travels a path that leads to doubt, as we question and struggle with what we think we know to reach the truth.

Faith, I hope, is not stagnant.  It doesn't arrive on our doorstep, perfect, whole and complete.  The only way to grow in the is to cherish the doubts we have and to struggle with them, to use them to reach a fuller, more clearer understanding of the truth.  We shouldn't be afraid of our doubts.  We shouldn't condemn them in others.  Doubt, when honestly dealt with can lead us to stronger faith.

Can't we believe that God can withstand the doubt?  That to struggle through faith, attempting to reach closer to God is part of the plan?

The opposite of faith is not doubt.  What is the opposite of faith?  Apathy? Indifference?  I don't know.

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Blogger feipeng wu said...

Thanks for sharing..
Beautiful photo with bright sunshine and green vegetation..

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Blogger bob said...

The opposite of faith is rejection.

4:52 AM  

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