Thursday, September 12, 2013

Discover, Claim, Utilize

I read the following in an article on the website Photofocus:
I once interviewed an extremely tall and lengthy NBA basketball player.  In the midst of a press conference outside of his locker room, he jokingly muttered a quote to me off the record that I’ll never forget. “God sure didn’t put me here to be a horse racing jockey.  I know what I’ve got, I know my skills and I’ll use them to my advantage.”
Do you know what you are good at?  Exploit the passions and skills that were implanted in you and use them.  Put them to work and utilize them to your advantage.
Photofocus / by MelissaNiu
Do you know what you are good at?  (as Melissa would say)  If we were in the same room, and I asked you that question, could you tell me?  Would you tell me?

If I gave you a birthday present, would you open it?  Or would you ignore  it and say, "I don't have any birthday presents?"  Do we sometimes say, "I don't have any gifts?" while not seeking to discover our gifts, or ignoring them?

If I gave you a new book for your birthday, would you hide it, and not speak about it, in the fear that someone would say you are bragging?  "Look at me; how great I am someone gave me this book for my birthday!"  No, you wouldn't do that, and yet we won't speak of our gifts, as if doing so is to brag on what we have earned.  It's a thin line between celebrating what God has given us and claiming credit for it, but I think if we discover our gifts, and have confirmatory opinions about them, then to say, "God has given me the gift of ..." is not bragging.

So, discover, claim and utilize -- could it be that this is part of our calling?



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