Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What we Never Hear

Have you seen this video?  Heard this song?

Anna Kendrick's Cups (Pitch Perfect: When I'm Gone)

It's the song Cups, performed by Anna Kendrick.  It's a rendition of an folk song, When I'm Gone, recorded in 1931 by the Carter Family.

I watched the video this morning after JtM recommended it.  Sound is vitally important in this recording of the song, done to the rhythm of cups hitting the counter and clapping hands.  Even more than that, there are other sounds in the video -- the fan turning, doors opening/closing, the sliding of a pan into the oven.  These are sounds we hear all the time, and yet never hear.

What else in life do we hear all the time and yet never hear?  This video is designed to make those sounds "visible" to us, so that we pay attention to them, because they tell part of the story.

I wonder what parts of the story I am missing each day because I (by necessity sometimes) filter out the sounds I always (and never) hear.

Right now I'm sitting in Panera, writing, waiting for a movie time.  I can hear the ice dropping into a to go cup, terrible music over the loud speaker, the conversation at the next table, and the one at another table, the clerk behind the counter talking to a customer, laughter, footsteps, and a beeper buzzing.  I normally block all of this out so that I can concentrate on writing (or whatever else I'm doing).

Does that bad habit (there's a cricket -- is that a phone or a real cricket in Panera?) cross into the rest of my life?  What sounds of life am I filtering out so as to concentrate on what I need to do.

What views of God at work do I not see?  What sounds of God speaking do I ignore?



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