Thursday, August 01, 2013


Three quarter moon at the beach
Have you ever taken a picture of snow and noticed that what is in reality bright, almost blinding white comes out gray and dreary in the image?  It's because cameras believe that the world is gray, so it adjusts exposure to meet that "reality."

Are we ever like that?  Do we realize that our own beliefs color the way we see reality and thus the way we react to it?

It may be that we expect that everything will be gray, so that when the good, wonderful things happen we miss them.  When the darkness comes, we ignore it.

Those of us with a positive outlook will see the best in a situation; those of us that expect the worst, will always find it.  This happens with events and with people.

The thing is, we think the way we see what is around us, or who is around is, is the absolute reality.  We forget the influence our own expectations have one what we perceive.

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