Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The word for today is water.

This was a tough choice.  I have tons of pictures of water -- ocean, river, puddle, baptismal -- I love to photograph water.

There was something about this one, though, that caught my eye this morning.  It's precarious.  Balanced.  It feels like an entire world could be in that drop of water.

Scientifically, the surface of water has tension.  Molecules of water are polar -- one end has a negative charge and the other has a positive charge, so they stick together.  You've probably seen the surface tension of water if you have filled a glass up past its brim.  The water might dome up, ever so slightly.  It sticks together.

Water is cleansing.  It washes away the dirt and grime in our lives.  We need to be cleansed.

Water is necessary for life.  Our body runs on water, and without it, our entire system becomes non-functional.  Dehydration is a real danger.

Is it any wonder then that baptism is a sacrament?  The life-giving, cleansing, sticky water of baptism marks us as children of God, claimed by him.

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Blogger Thomas Bolton said...

Beautifully said!

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