Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In Sunday school this past week, we explored the beginning of the book of Ruth.  A few things caught my ear and mind:
  • The word in the story that tells us that Ruth and Orpah became the wives of Ruth's sons is the word "taken."  This is the only time in the Bible when it is used in this way -- usually it refers to something being taken or lifted.  I wonder if Ruth and Orpah became wives willingly.  Does that change our perception of the story?
  • When Naomi comes home to Bethlehem, those in the community could seem to be perplexed as to whether this is Naomi or not.   I wonder if she has changed so much that they don't recognize her.  She has changed -- even her name has changed. 
  • Yes, I know she has been through a lot, but she seems unwilling to recognize the blessings around her.  She has changed her name to Bitter -- does bitterness get in our way?
  • Boaz is kind to Ruth, even though she is a Moabite -- an outsider.  Boaz' mother is Tamar, the prostitute from Jericho.  I wonder if he is more willing to be kind to outsiders because of his mother?



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