Monday, August 29, 2011

Genesis 44-45

Today I read Genesis 44-45.  In these chapters, Joseph's brothers have returned a second time to Egypt, this time bring their youngest brother, Benjamin.  They still don't recognize Joseph.  He sends them home with provisions, but has a silver cup placed in Benjamin's sack.  Joseph sends someone to accuse the brothers of theft.  They find the cup and all of them return to the palace.

Joseph tells them that Benjamin must remain as a slave, but that the others can return to their father.  Judah gives an impassioned speech, offering himself in place of Benjamin.  It is after this that Joseph reveals who he is.  All of his family is invited into the protection of Egypt during the famine.  (Low musical undertone as we remember they eventually end up as slaves in this land, but for now, it is good).

As I read this, a few things struck me:
  • Joseph is now resorting to deceit.  His fore-fathers had done this, but not him.  I was surprised by his actions.
  • For what purpose did he do this?  Was it a test?  What would he have done if the brothers had failed the test?
  • In Chapter 45, Joseph could have chosen differently.  He had a choice between retribution and restoration; he chose restoration and forgiveness. 

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