Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Change in a Sister's Heart, Part III

Yesterday, Part II

That night, while everyone slept around her, enjoying their first night of peace in months, she couldn’t find rest.   The ground was soft beneath her, the stars shown brightly above her, and fear of Esau did not shorten her breath, but God would not leave her alone.  She knew what he wanted her to do – she knew that he wanted her to bridge the gap as Esau had done, but she would not do it.  She could not do it.  Her resentment of her sister was the only dignity she had left, and she could not part from it.  SHE was the one who had been wronged.  SHE was the one who had been insulted.  SHE was the one who deserved to receive an apology.  She would NOT be the one to reach out.

And yet that was exactly what God wanted her to do.

The next morning, as the camp began to stir and preparations were made for their departure, Leah set aside her weariness, and began to pack her belongings.  She watched Judah speaking to his brothers, but ignoring Joseph, who sat alone.  She heard the echo of God’s word from long ago, “Through this child, I will bless the world with a love greater than anyone has ever seen.”

How could God bring about a love greater than anyone had ever seen through her son, when she had only taught him resentment?

Walking across the camp, she reached Joseph, picked him up and carried him to Judah.  “Find him something to eat – he’s hungry.”  Judah held the child out at arms’ length, plainly shocked by his mother’s request.  Ignoring his protests, she continued on to greet her sister.

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