Sunday, October 03, 2010

What is man?

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars that you have established;
what are human beings that you are mindful of them,
mortals* that you care for them?
Psalm 8:3-4

We talked about this Psalm in Sunday school today. What is it that reminds you of the majesty of God?

I've said many times that I take pictures of what reminds me of God's majesty -- that looking for images in the world keeps my eyes open to God's creative majesty. All true.

This psalm, though, reminds me of another aspect of God's majesty and power. What is man that God is mindful of him? Why does the God who created the universe care about you and me? Are we dust in the wind? Or precious children of God?

The majesty of God is reflected in his love of his created children. Us.

I coordinate a devotional ministry for my church. I can't count the times that someone has told me that a devotional has been exactly the words that he/she has needed to hear at exactly the right time.

I could say -- and it would be logical and true -- that when a devotional is sent to over 200 people, one of them is bound by the law of averages, to be in a situation that is touched upon by a devotional. And that makes sense.

But, to move beyond that takes faith. I have faith that we are loved by God. I believe that God is powerful and that he moves among his children in love. I choose to have faith that he motivates one person to write something that will be exactly what another one needs to read. I believe that God opens the ears of the person who needs to be bathed in God's word to hear those words in the writing of someone else.

I know that God loves you and me. I know that he acts in our world to demonstrate his love of us. I know that he involves you and me as partners in his work.

That faith -- that knowledge is a gift from God. And in that is power and majesty.

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