Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the Light

I was driving to work today, thinking about class tonight. The session was about the 5th chapter of Weatherhead's book The Will of God. The chapter is called "In God's Will is Our Peace."

I was thinking about peace and living in the will of God when the song "In the Light" by DC Talk came on the radio.

Is that what we are hoping to do? To live "in the light?"

I keep trying to find a life
On my own, apart from You
I am the king of excuses
I've got one for every selfish thing I do

What's going on inside of me?
I despise my own behavior
This only serves to confirm my suspicions
That I'm still a man in need of a Savior

I wanna be in the Light
As You are in the Light
I wanna shine like the stars in the heavens
Oh, Lord be my Light and be my salvation
Cause all I want is to be in the Light
All I want is to be in the Light
To be in the light -- to live in God's will at the intersection of our wants and God's needs will bring us joy and peace.

Image: The church on the way to dinner tonight.



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