Sunday, December 02, 2007

Youth impressions

It is late, late, late at night. Too late to come up with an understandable blog post.

We led the youth tonight in an exploration of parts of the movie The Nativity Story. I have a few impressions that I will share.

  1. It's a great movie. Watch it as part of your Advent preparations for Christ.
  2. I am constantly surprised and blessed by the spritual depth of our youth. I praise God for the faith that I see.
  3. The lesson we are using is from Christianity Today. It's worth the price of the download.
  4. I am grateful, once again, to God for being given the gift of serving as a youth leader. What a blessing.

Good night!



Blogger gavin richardson said...

i'll have to explore those tips. i never heard much about the nativity other than it was coming out. will check the curriculum piece too. thanks! shalom, -gav

2:00 AM  

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