Friday, November 30, 2007

A personal relationship

My grandmother died when I was 17. I grew up around her -- I remember her very well.

Shortly -- within a year -- after she died, my mother filled a blank book with stories about her. I have that book now, as a keepsake for when our boys are old enough to read it. I've read it, and I'm glad to have it -- it's great to read about stories that I didn't know.

It will be a great way for our boys to get to know their great-grandmother. I have an advantage over them -- I remember her in person. I've heard my grandmother tell some of the stories in the book, myself.

I was thinking about this this morning, as I read my devotion We have a great gift in the Bible. It's a book about God -- about what he is like, what he want us to do. We can learn a lot from what it stays about God.

God offers us more, though. God makes it possible for us to him through personal experience. We can develop a relationship with him -- more than just learning about him through what other people have experienced.

Do we ever take that realization for granted?

Image: Sunrise at the VA.



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