Tuesday, December 11, 2007


What does it mean to be a reflection? What does it mean to reflect God to those around us? How do we do that?

I went to our department's Christmas luncheon today. We had lunch brought in to our conference room -- long table, with people sitting all around it. At the other end of the table there was a conversation going on about religion and politics. It was about the idea that religion should never be involved in politics -- that it has no place in the secular world, in effect.

It was a conversation that made me think that the people involved in it believed that God should be kept in church. That he should behave himself, and not stick his nose in where it doesn't belong. Of course, none of them said that, and I am putting words in their mouths.

I think that before we start wondering what the role of God should be in politics, we need to ask ourselves what the role of God is in our own lives. We need to invite him into our lives and quit trying to lock him into the church ourselves.

All of that aside, though, how does a person reflect God in a situation where it sounds like God is considered extraneous. In a room where God is shooed into a corner. I said nothing. That doesn't seem to be very reflective to me.

Images: Water droplet this morning on a tree. Christmas ornament, and if you look very closely, you'll see me reflected in the glass.



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